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EPA Rfrigerant License
— by Oshkosh Heating and Air Oshkosh Heating and Air

Does your air conditioning service tech in Oshkosh WI have one of these EPA Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Certification?  

It's a requirement to handle, service, recapture and most importantly to recycle refrigerant.  

We are certified at UNIVERSAL which means it includes all types: Type I - small appliances, Type II - high pressure and very high pressure appliances, Type III - low pressure appliances.  

The refrigerant in most A/C units is now an environmentally friendlier R410A also referred to as 'Puron' by Carrier corporation it was actually originally developed by Honeywell.  R22 is the old ozone depleting refrigerant and is no longer being made for residential air units.  It doesn't expire, get bad or get old.  Since it's not being made anymore, generally the only way to get R22 is to recycle it out of old appliances, and when we replace an old unit we always recapture and recycle the refrigerant.  

If a service tech has to add refrigerant- there's no doubt your unit has a leak - period.  Those leaks are almost impossible to find and repair with absolute certainty and should be replaced because of the ozone depleting effects on the environment of R22.  The more immediate reason is the expense of the refrigerant has risen to a point that it negotiates the value of that aging equipment.  

We have been proudly installing quality air conditioning systems in and around Oshkosh, WI for over 20 years.  As Lennox and Armstrong dealers we think it's pretty 'cool' that we can offer one of the few air conditioning units made in the USA.  We are also proud to have acquired Excellence status as preferred dealers from LG for their mini-split ductless units.  Of course we can install and repair many other brands and can give you lot's of options.  

We offer an installation labor warranty of up to 5 years when you have routine maintenance check-ups couple that with the manufacture's warranty on parts and your set for the hot summer heat!