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Air Condtioning Tips in Wisconsin's Beautiful Summer Climate
— by Oshkosh Heating and Air Oshkosh Heating and Air
If you're like us and don't want to run your A/C 100% of the time.  Here are some tips:

>If you understand that A/C does not have a fast 'reactive' time (like a forced air furnace might) and has to 'dehumidify' first- it will help you make better decisions when to turn it on.  Look at the forecast, is it going to get hot and muggy in the next week? Turn it on to pre-condition and dehumidify (even if you set it at a slight higher temperature so it's not running all the time), when the heat hits, it will be cool.

>At the very least turn on A/C in the morning when it's still cool in the house or use a Wi-Fi enabled t-stat, you can start to dehumidify hours before your home from work.  *Sometimes the most unsatisfied customer is one that comes home at 4:30 on a very hot day, turns on the A/C and expecting it to be cool in an hour -giving a false feeling that the A/C isn't working. Again this is because A/C needs to dehumidify first before it gives you a comfortable cool.  Putting in a larger unit is not the answer, oversized equipment cools down the house too fast leaving the humidity- making your home feel clammy like a dungeon.

 >Do not set your thermostat to the “fan on” position in hot weather. In this position the fan blows air all the time whether your cooling system is running or not and one key impact is that a lot of the moisture your system just took out of the air, will be blown back into the house before it can drain way.

>Use exhaust fans during moisture-producing activities. Cooking, showers, washing, and similar activities produce a lot of moisture inside the home. Exhaust that moisture directly outdoors using a fan (timers or the fan connected to a bathroom light switch is a smart alternative). Similarly, avoid drying clothes indoors except with a clothes dryer that is exhausted directly outdoors.

>Do not open windows or use ventilate cooling when it is too humid outside.

>Have a boiler system or pellet stove?  Consider a duct-less mini split system, a High-efficient way of cooling (and heating).  We can put in any model from Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Lennox and are LG certified with Excellence credentials by the manufacture.

Stay cool, and be cool!