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Focus On Energy has CASH back rewards!
— by Oshkosh Heating and Air Oshkosh Heating and Air
Wisconsin Focus On Energy has rewards offered on HVAC High-Efficiency Furnaces and A/C units until June 30, 2015.  These rewards are often renewed~ but not always...we say 'Bird in hand is better than two in bush' and recommend our clients try to take advantage of these rewards while they are offered.  Also we suggest our clients always check if they qualify for the enhanced rewards which right now are up to $850!!!!

High-Efficiency Furnaces FINANCIAL INCENTIVES:

$100 per propane furnace, 90%+ AFUE with ECM

$150 per natural gas furnace, 95-96% AFUE with ECM

$225 per natural gas furnace, 97%+ AFUE with ECM
Furnaces must have a multi-stage burner.
Furnaces must have an electronically commutated motor (ECM). An ECM is sometimes referred to as a variable speed, constant-airflow, constant-torque, electronically-efficient, or X-13 motor. Permanent split capacitor (PSC) or motors are not eligible.
Furnaces must be a sealed combustion unit and must be the primary heating source for the home's living space.
Chimney liners must be installed where a high-efficiency gas furnace replaces an atmospherically-drafted furnace and only a water heater remains vented through the chimney. The interior opening left by the removed furnace must be closed with a metal cap and sealed with caulk or mortar.

Rewards up to $850 are available for income-qualified participants through the Enhanced Rewards Program.

See documents for pre-qualified equipment lists.