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What does MERV mean on a furnace filter?
— by Oshkosh Heating and Air Oshkosh Heating and Air
What does the MERV rating actually mean on a filter?  It is not as fun a subject as Verve's new mascot dude "Merv" ~but in short it stands for 'how effective is my filter', Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value .   Generally a higher value MERV rating equates to finer filtration, meaning fewer dust particles and other airborne contaminants can pass through the filter. But more MERV might not always be better for YOUR system... too constrictive filter on a system not designed for the higher efficiency can actually be just as inefficient as a dirty filter and stress the equipment out or freeze up your a/c condenser.  A higher MERV also means you need to change your filter at minimum of 3 months because it will clog sooner than an inexpensive fiberglass filter which allows everything through but the really big particles.  In our filters you can actually see the difference between a box-store MERV 11 and our MERV 11 on a typical Aprilaire & Spacegard 2200/2250 - we are proudly NOT the same as a box store.  

We can install a system that brings in fresh air while continuously filtering your home with a high MERV rating and place reminders on your thermostat to change the filter, how cool it that?!

*as a fun fact, filters were initially installed to protect the equipment and not to filter the air, we can all breath easier with this advancement in HVAC features.