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Follow this link to see what thermostats will qualify for Focus on Energy's rebates.  Honeywell's Lyric, Googles Nest are two and soon to qualify are Lennox's iComfort and Armstrong's Comfort Sync both which are capable of communicating with two of our favorite brands of equipment.  Call us to find out more.
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October 3rd Installation

We need your help!  We want to give away a FREE furnace with FREE installation in our Oshkosh area (other contractors are doing the same all over Wisconsin) to a deserving person, we joined this program because it is not necessarily income driven and we believe that many of the most needed people are the ones that don't ask for help... please nominate by following the link.  Dead line is Friday August 28.  Here are some details:

The Heat U.P. Wisconsin program aims to help people -- people in need as well as those who deserve a "thank you" for their service, whether in our military or within their community.

 To nominate yourself or someone you know, simply complete the online form below, providing as much information as possible. Submissions are based on a variety of criteria, including physical, mental, or social disabilities; financial challenges; job loss; military service; community service; and more.

 The furnace being provided is a ‘Forced Warm Air’, 93% AFUE unit either LP or Natural Gas. It is not compatible with ‘Mobile Homes / Manufactured Housing’. The furnace does require a complete ductwork system. Hydronic systems, boilers, wood stoves, outdoor wood boilers, electric baseboard heaters or fireplaces are not eligible to be replaced or added onto with this program.

 Please submit only one nomination for each person or family. Multiple submissions for the same person or family do not increase that nominee's chances of being selected.

 You may submit more than one nomination. If you know several people who might qualify for a free furnace through the Heat U.P. Wisconsin program, nominate all of them! Please complete one form per person or family.

 In the event your nomination is not selected, please submit a form for them again next year if the need still exists! We continue to try to help as many people as possible.

 All submissions are due by August 28th. Those received after that date will go into the following year.

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Our client needed a new furnace but they weren't ready to replace the A/C this year... during the installation of a new high efficient furnace our technician took advantage of the easy access to the air conditioning coils to acid wash the old systems and give it AND the home owners more time.
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Rev's Bowling Lanes (previously known as Oshkosh Lanes) has a new LG mini split in there kitchen and some raised duct work to allow for better view of their entertainment stage.  Fantastic people to work with and an awesome place to bring your family and friends.  It's going to be even better now that the temperatures will be what the owners are asking us to do for them.

If you are looking for some family fun, Rev's is going to have it going on this year and beyond!
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We finished up another Habitat for Humanity home here in Oshkosh on Sawyer.  The project went great and a new family will soon be able to enjoy their very own home.  We seal the duct work up tight to optimize efficiency to guidelines set by Energy Star with training we received in 2014 as an Energy Star V3 Qualified contractor- in 2014 we were only 1 of 3 in the entire state of Wisconsin to have these qualifications.  With Armstrong equipment made in the USA, the Robertson family won't have any issues with the manufacturer's 10 year warranty, if they maintain routine check-ups, we provide a full 5 year labor warranty to boot .  We also provide a literature rack on all of our installs for a neat place to store all the mechanical manuals.  This is a project to be proud about all the way around!
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LG Unit on roof
We recently installed an LG mini split air conditioning system on the second floor for homeowners with a boiler.  

They were very particular about how it was going to 'look' from their patio on the ground and elected to have a curb built of wood so it can be sided or painted.   It's hard to notice the cover over the piping on their siding and only if you look really (really) hard you might (maybe) see the pvc drain tube hugging the chimney.  The guys did a fantastic job and the homeowners are very happy.

This system has high efficiency heat capabilities and very quiet air conditioning, allowing these homeowners a sound sleep, and they won't have to not turn their boiler on until possibly late November or even December.  

Temperatures after installation reached 102 and it is cooling the entire house easily.  If you live near Oshkosh and want to see if a mini split air conditioning system is right for you, call us ~ we have the 'Excellence' credentials given by LG as their preferred installers!  
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This is an air conditioner we put in two years ago, loyal customers but they waited to have a clean and service check-up... seasonal c&s is truly important for air AND furnace as they work together.  If your in the Oshkosh area and want your air conditioner serviced- call us!
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Does your air conditioning service tech in Oshkosh WI have one of these EPA Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Certification?  

It's a requirement to handle, service, recapture and most importantly to recycle refrigerant.  

We are certified at UNIVERSAL which means it includes all types: Type I - small appliances, Type II - high pressure and very high pressure appliances, Type III - low pressure appliances.  

The refrigerant in most A/C units is now an environmentally friendlier R410A also referred to as 'Puron' by Carrier corporation it was actually originally developed by Honeywell.  R22 is the old ozone depleting refrigerant and is no longer being made for residential air units.  It doesn't expire, get bad or get old.  Since it's not being made anymore, generally the only way to get R22 is to recycle it out of old appliances, and when we replace an old unit we always recapture and recycle the refrigerant.  

If a service tech has to add refrigerant- there's no doubt your unit has a leak - period.  Those leaks are almost impossible to find and repair with absolute certainty and should be replaced because of the ozone depleting effects on the environment of R22.  The more immediate reason is the expense of the refrigerant has risen to a point that it negotiates the value of that aging equipment.  

We have been proudly installing quality air conditioning systems in and around Oshkosh, WI for over 20 years.  As Lennox and Armstrong dealers we think it's pretty 'cool' that we can offer one of the few air conditioning units made in the USA.  We are also proud to have acquired Excellence status as preferred dealers from LG for their mini-split ductless units.  Of course we can install and repair many other brands and can give you lot's of options.  

We offer an installation labor warranty of up to 5 years when you have routine maintenance check-ups couple that with the manufacture's warranty on parts and your set for the hot summer heat!
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If you're like us and don't want to run your A/C 100% of the time.  Here are some tips:

>If you understand that A/C does not have a fast 'reactive' time (like a forced air furnace might) and has to 'dehumidify' first- it will help you make better decisions when to turn it on.  Look at the forecast, is it going to get hot and muggy in the next week? Turn it on to pre-condition and dehumidify (even if you set it at a slight higher temperature so it's not running all the time), when the heat hits, it will be cool.

>At the very least turn on A/C in the morning when it's still cool in the house or use a Wi-Fi enabled t-stat, you can start to dehumidify hours before your home from work.  *Sometimes the most unsatisfied customer is one that comes home at 4:30 on a very hot day, turns on the A/C and expecting it to be cool in an hour -giving a false feeling that the A/C isn't working. Again this is because A/C needs to dehumidify first before it gives you a comfortable cool.  Putting in a larger unit is not the answer, oversized equipment cools down the house too fast leaving the humidity- making your home feel clammy like a dungeon.

 >Do not set your thermostat to the “fan on” position in hot weather. In this position the fan blows air all the time whether your cooling system is running or not and one key impact is that a lot of the moisture your system just took out of the air, will be blown back into the house before it can drain way.

>Use exhaust fans during moisture-producing activities. Cooking, showers, washing, and similar activities produce a lot of moisture inside the home. Exhaust that moisture directly outdoors using a fan (timers or the fan connected to a bathroom light switch is a smart alternative). Similarly, avoid drying clothes indoors except with a clothes dryer that is exhausted directly outdoors.

>Do not open windows or use ventilate cooling when it is too humid outside.

>Have a boiler system or pellet stove?  Consider a duct-less mini split system, a High-efficient way of cooling (and heating).  We can put in any model from Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Lennox and are LG certified with Excellence credentials by the manufacture.

Stay cool, and be cool!
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Wisconsin Focus On Energy has rewards offered on HVAC High-Efficiency Furnaces and A/C units until June 30, 2015.  These rewards are often renewed~ but not always...we say 'Bird in hand is better than two in bush' and recommend our clients try to take advantage of these rewards while they are offered.  Also we suggest our clients always check if they qualify for the enhanced rewards which right now are up to $850!!!!

High-Efficiency Furnaces FINANCIAL INCENTIVES:

$100 per propane furnace, 90%+ AFUE with ECM

$150 per natural gas furnace, 95-96% AFUE with ECM

$225 per natural gas furnace, 97%+ AFUE with ECM
Furnaces must have a multi-stage burner.
Furnaces must have an electronically commutated motor (ECM). An ECM is sometimes referred to as a variable speed, constant-airflow, constant-torque, electronically-efficient, or X-13 motor. Permanent split capacitor (PSC) or motors are not eligible.
Furnaces must be a sealed combustion unit and must be the primary heating source for the home's living space.
Chimney liners must be installed where a high-efficiency gas furnace replaces an atmospherically-drafted furnace and only a water heater remains vented through the chimney. The interior opening left by the removed furnace must be closed with a metal cap and sealed with caulk or mortar.

Rewards up to $850 are available for income-qualified participants through the Enhanced Rewards Program.

See https://focusonenergy.com/residential/efficient-products-appliances/residential-rewardssupporting documents for pre-qualified equipment lists.