Heat UP Wisconsin Installation 2015

Posted by Oshkosh Heating and Air Oshkosh Heating and Air
We were not only honored, but had a lot of fun installing a Lennox furnace and Honeywell t-stat for Roy and Nancy Helms Saturday, Oct 3rd 2015~  All at no cost to them.

This is a program we became involved with because it was not necessarily income based.  We truly believe that many deserving people never ask for anything or might not qualify on paper but could use a lift so that they can keep lifting others.  The program is called 'Heat UP Wisconsin' and on October 3rd over 100 furnaces were installed, for free to deserving people, and this year the program had over 400 applicants!

Our local recipient Roy Helms, who is not only a veteran but, according to the local American Legion Cooke Fuller Post 70, "Roy has done more for the American Legion and veterans in our area and more than any man can possibly give or be expected to give, and then gives more".  He and his wife live very modestly and yet have financially sacrificed to our veteran programs.  Giving much of their time to the Veterans home in King, Camp Legion and Roy is also a Legion Rider. In short we installed a furnace to an American Legionnaire at no charge and we loved it.

All applicants submitted forward will be submitted as candidates for 2016.  The programs complete details can be found on the site www.heatupwisconsin.com<http://www.heatupwisconsin.com/>