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Gas Furnace - 16 point Winter Tune-Up

1.   Evaluate condition of filters, replace with filter supplied by client.
2.   Clean Flame Sensor.
3.   Clean and Inspect Burners.
4.   Inspect Heat Exchanger for rust, cracks, and corrosion.
5.   Clean and adjust thermostat in furnace
6.   Clean and inspect Blower motor, Wheel, and Housing.
7.   Clean and Inspect Draft Inducer Motor, Wheel, and Housing.
8.   Test and adjust safety and operating controls, pressure switches and relays.
9.   Clean and adjust pilot (ignition) assembly.
10. Inspect flue pipe and draft assembly (the PVC piping for venting carbon monoxide).
11. Test and tighten all wiring connections.
12. Test gas valve operation, adjust gas pressure if necessary.
13. Re-inspect heat exchanger for cracks or holes (with probe).
14. Adjust burner for maximum efficiency.
15. Test temperature rise.
16. Carbon monoxide test.
17. Check thermostat and confirm proper operation.
18. Clean up area to customer satisfaction.
Boiler – 18 point Tune-up

1.   Visual inspection of unit. Check wear and tear, loose parts, etc.
2.   Check thermostat and make adjustments where necessary
3.   Test flue damper operation
4.   Check/adjust temp and pressure settings
5.   Test safety controls
6.   Remove rust and soot and clean and adjust burners and exchanger
7.   Clean and adjust ignition assembly or OHM igniter
8.   Check micro amp signal from flame sensor
9.   Adjust gas/air mixture for optimum efficiency
10. Lubricate motor bearings
11. Clean condensate trap if high efficiency boiler
12. Check Carbon Monoxide (CO) level of exhaust
13. Check and tighten all exhaust pipe connections
14. Check all gas connections located in unit
15. Adjust gas/pilot pressure
16. Inspect and clean heat exchanger thoroughly
17. Check electrical wiring and tighten all electrical connections
18. Cycle unit and make adjustments accordingly

Air Conditioner Maintenance - 30 point Summer Tune-Up
1.   Check operation of furnace and air conditioner.
2.   Check and clean thermostat. Calibrate thermostat (if necessary).
3.   Perform a visual inspection of the indoor unit.  Look for rust, dirt, loose panels, and advise the customer about any flammable
materials being stored near unit.
4.   Shut down the humidifier for summer (if applicable).
5.   Check the blower assembly.  Look for rust or filings from wear, make sure the wires are in good shape and properly attached, and ensure that the entire assembly is secured tight.
6.   Check and clean the motors and fan (oil as necessary).
7.   Check the evaporator coil.  Look for oil stains, rust, or debris in the pan, and check the fin condition.
8.   Record the unit's total static pressure.
9.   Check and flush the condensate line.
10.  Check the condensate pump (if applicable).
11.  Perform a visual inspection of the outdoor unit.  Clear out debris, leaves, and rodents.  Make sure that the panels are secure, check for rust or deterioration, replace missing screws.
12.  Check the outdoor disconnect box.  Look for burnt wires or connections, bees, bugs, nests, and rust.
13.  Check the condenser coil and spray clean with special cleaning solution.  Rinse with water to remove last of dirt and debris.
14.  Check refrigerant connections. Look for oil stains, or kinks in the lines.  Make sure the caps are in good condition.
15.  Inspect all wiring and controls for wear and tightness.
16.  Check and inspect the compressor contactor.
17.  Check relays.  Are they functioning? Are there any indications of burnt connectors, bulging, or distortion?
18.  Check the compressor.
19.  Check the capacitors.
20.  Check the start assist device (if applicable).
21.  Check the pressure switches (test).
22.  Check the time delay relay.
23.  Check the circuit boards.
24.  Check the fan blades for cracks.
25.  Clean the outdoor unit with solution. Rinse with water.
26.  Check the voltage or amp draw.
27.  Check the operating pressures, superheat, and subcooling.
28.  Check the temperature drop across the evaporator coil.
29.  Check the operation sequence.
30.  Clean up area to customer satisfaction.
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What a wonderful thing to get a five star "exceptional, a RARE find" review such as this one... and just before the Thanksgiving holiday.  
It put a warm smile on our faces and is a fantastic reminder for all of us to also say 'Thank YOU'!
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We are excited for the south side on this new development, best wishes and looking forward to our new neighbors just across the street.  We are happy to see South Main Street come alive,
 2016 is going to be incredible!

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We can make a dirt floor look good... Notice our condensate drain in hard PVC pipe anchored to the floor even on an economical installation- that's one more reason we can say QUALITY workmanship!
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We are humbly honored to make number one heating and air conditioning contractor, this is awesome!  We've been blessed as the runner up for so many years beginning to think we'd never be a bride~ thanks Oshkosh and Winnebago county we won't let you down!
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Clarity Appreciation & Recognition
So nice for Clarity Care to give us this 'warm and fuzzy' appreciation certificate ~ we loved working with them and their client and hope to do more with them in the future!
(And it matches our company colors too)
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We were not only honored, but had a lot of fun installing a Lennox furnace and Honeywell t-stat for Roy and Nancy Helms Saturday, Oct 3rd 2015~  All at no cost to them.

This is a program we became involved with because it was not necessarily income based.  We truly believe that many deserving people never ask for anything or might not qualify on paper but could use a lift so that they can keep lifting others.  The program is called 'Heat UP Wisconsin' and on October 3rd over 100 furnaces were installed, for free to deserving people, and this year the program had over 400 applicants!

Our local recipient Roy Helms, who is not only a veteran but, according to the local American Legion Cooke Fuller Post 70, "Roy has done more for the American Legion and veterans in our area and more than any man can possibly give or be expected to give, and then gives more".  He and his wife live very modestly and yet have financially sacrificed to our veteran programs.  Giving much of their time to the Veterans home in King, Camp Legion and Roy is also a Legion Rider. In short we installed a furnace to an American Legionnaire at no charge and we loved it.

All applicants submitted forward will be submitted as candidates for 2016.  The programs complete details can be found on the site www.heatupwisconsin.com<http://www.heatupwisconsin.com/>
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Did you know...
 We give you $10 off a residential furnace or A/C check-up
 OR $100 off any major residential replacement ~Just for shopping or donating to Oshkosh's Habitat for Humanity, their ReStore or if you volunteer on any job site anywhere?
 *Just show us a receipt for any of the above!
 (Sorry~not available on rental or commercial properties, cannot be combined with other offers, one offer per address)
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We have the sincere HONOR to announce the recipient of the Heat UP Wisconsin Lennox furnace and Honeywell thermostat installed by us at no cost.

We feel that so often the most deserving people don't ask for anything or might not qualify financially on paper but could really use a lift so they can keep lifting others. We are so excited about our local recipient ROY HELMS who is not only a veteran but, according to the local American Legion Cooke Fuller Post 70, "Roy has done more for the American Legion and veterans in our area and gives more than any man can possibly give or be expected to give and then gives more".

His wife Nancy is ahhhhmazing herself, they both live very modestly and yet have financially sacrificed to our veteran programs and given many hours of their time not limited to Badger Boys/Girls, raising money (millions) for scholarships, aiding homeless veterans and honoring our fallen with honor guards - this he does while working full time.

I sat at their table in awe listening whole heartedly to their story, their eyes tearing when sharing details of those that have influenced their decisions to keep these programs going. We are truly lucky to have the opportunity to give back to these hard working, inspiring people. Thank you Roy and Nancy Helms for all you do, this furnace is very well deserved.
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What does the MERV rating actually mean on a filter?  It is not as fun a subject as Verve's new mascot dude "Merv" ~but in short it stands for 'how effective is my filter', Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value .   Generally a higher value MERV rating equates to finer filtration, meaning fewer dust particles and other airborne contaminants can pass through the filter. But more MERV might not always be better for YOUR system... too constrictive filter on a system not designed for the higher efficiency can actually be just as inefficient as a dirty filter and stress the equipment out or freeze up your a/c condenser.  A higher MERV also means you need to change your filter at minimum of 3 months because it will clog sooner than an inexpensive fiberglass filter which allows everything through but the really big particles.  In our filters you can actually see the difference between a box-store MERV 11 and our MERV 11 on a typical Aprilaire & Spacegard 2200/2250 - we are proudly NOT the same as a box store.  

We can install a system that brings in fresh air while continuously filtering your home with a high MERV rating and place reminders on your thermostat to change the filter, how cool it that?!

*as a fun fact, filters were initially installed to protect the equipment and not to filter the air, we can all breath easier with this advancement in HVAC features.